lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Proyectos seleccionados del año 2013

The selection committee for the call for artists in residence during 2013, consisting the management of CACiS and collaboration of Setba Foundation. States that: - We have received more than 90 requests for information about the program - 30 applications were received within the time limit and according to the conditions set, and after an initial assessment were selected 14 finalists - Resulting finally chosen as follows:
 Ivonne Navas (1) Performance Video Mexico 
Kristina Wolfe (1) Music and installing USA 
Cecile Hug (1) Photo and Video France 
Lucia Bidegain Quintas (1) Dance Uruguay 
Aurora Lagattuta and Laura Bataller (3) 
Dance USA and Catalonia 
Einat Amir (2) Video and fotografia Israel Izabela Ołdak and Ruben van Klaveren (2) Video-performance Netherlands Poland 
Angélica Chavez (2) Install Mexico 

 In the selection we have been taken a particular care: 
- The approach of project to the philosophy of the centre 
- The sustained use of local natural resources 
- The approach to the social environment of the region 
- The ability for adapt the project to rural and natural environmental without being intrusive.