viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

CACiS Open an international call to artists for to stay in their residence and conduct a research project during 2014.

Centre D’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat (CACiS) El Forn de la Calç
CACIS “EL FORN DE LA CALÇ” in Calders (Catalonia- Spain) Open an international call to artists for to stay in their residence and conduct a research project during 2014.

1.CACIS “El forn de la calç” hosts visual arts projects, performing arts, performance, thinking, intervention in the landscape and search for new languages related to sustainability and protecting the natural environment.  (Not exclusively artistic) The residence in CACIS has basic conditions for research and study in nature, for the artist to find the conditions of space, and equipment suitable concentration. The space is located at 5 km from the village of Calders and 2.5 km of village of Artés. The city of Manresa is about 25 minutes and enjoys privileged views of Montserrat and the Pyrenees.  2. The residences include accommodation of artists (maximum 4)and work space for a minimum of  7 days and a maximum of 90 days. Do not include the displacement or diets. 3. The Centre can help artists to make the necessary contacts with local people and suppliers of materials and services related to their research and enhance liaison with the social environment with the preparation of workshops and seminars related to proposed projects. 4. The artists who wish to pursue this call should emailing the following documents: - Contact of project leader  - Number of participants - Timetable for which residence is sought alternative option (if any) - Spaces are required (accommodation / work room / outdoors). -  A letter of intent with an explicit text in which the artist is committed, if elected,    to make residence in the requested extension. -- Letter or letters of recommendation from other centres or workplaces.- A description of the project (maximum 3 sheets with a maximum 3-JPG-format photos) - A short CV (max. 1 page) 5. Applications for 2014 can be submitted until 9 December 2013. 6. The jury is composed of professionals and the team of the Centre. 7. Resolution of the call December 30, 2012. The result of the call will be communicatedBy email to stakeholders and made public in CACIS website. 8. The act of participating on the acceptance of these rules.9. The direction of the Centre reserves the right to cancel the residence of the participants initially admitted:• If there is a substantial modification of the initial project that was subject to selection.• If caught falsity of the information provided by the applicant to be selected.