viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

Call 2017 para colaboración

C A C i S / Call. Residence and collaboration 2017
Centre D’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat El Forn de la Calç

CACIS “EL FORN DE LA CALÇ” in Calders (Catalonia- Spain) Open an international call to artists for to stay in their residence and conduct a research project of art, ecology and sustainability  between February and April of 2016 and collaborate at work of improving and maintenance of CACiS facilities.

Almost residence of CACiS “El forn de la calç” welcomes projects related to education and art in the wild, proposals to use art as language, social function of awareness, and promote critical thinking from a more global analysis our relationship with the environment, incorporating at any stage of learning.
The selected project must be consistent with the lines of work cacis:
Art and Nature and Landscape. Bioclimatic architecture. Ecology and Sustainability.
• Should encourage observation and analysis of means for their conservation and improvement.
• Creations that takes us into the causes of climate change.

1.The residence presents the basic conditions for research and study in heart of nature, the artist finds the conditions of space, concentration and good equipment .The center is 5 km from the town of Calders and 2, 5km from the village of Artes and about 25 minutes from the city of Manresa.  With views of Montserrat and the Pyrenees.
2. Residencies include accommodation for artists  and work space for a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 45 days.
3. The Centre can help artists to make the necessary contacts with the local population and suppliers of materials and services related to your search.
4. During the residence time should participate in the work of improving and maintaining the center: gardening, working in the woods, dry stone constructions and improvement of facilities in general.
5. Food is not included unless specific agreement between the selected and cacis

Rules of participation
1. Artists who wish to apply should be sent following documentation:
• Contact details of the project manager.
• Number of participants.
• Calendar for which tends to tender the residence (From the end of february just the end of April)
• Spaces required (accommodation / work room / exteriors).
• A letter of intent with an explicit text in which the artist is committed, if elected, to make the project selected.
• letters of recommendations from other centers or posts work.- a project description (maximum), 3 sheets with maximum 3 photos, JPG -formed -) - a brief CV (maximum 1 sheet) (will not be accepted projects submitted via Postal or projects exceeding documentation • often cited)
2.The applications for 2016 can be submitted until
March 20, 2017.
3. The jury will be composed of professionals and the Center team.
4. Resolution of the call will be March 30, 2017. The result will be communicated by email to stakeholders and made public on the website or blog of cacis.
5. The participation implies acceptance of these rules.
6. The Centre's management reserves the right to cancel the  residence of the participants initially admitted:
• If a substantial modification of the initial project was the subject of selection is detected.
• If falsity of the information provided by the applicant selected after its selection is detected.
 If any irregular and offensive attitude is detected.