lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Residencia de Joey Chua Poh Yi de Singapur Research paper presenter and Mediator for Choreographic Panel

Aquest projecte es fa conjuntament amb el National Arts Council of Singapore/Este proyecto se realiza con la colaboración del National Arts Council of Singapore
Using a Nintendo Wiimote (or similar) and/or wearable technology Play/Move is an expressive performance motion project that explores and visualizes movement body movement and presence. Today we move through life in a daze as the world around us is in pain. The first step towards becoming aware of this, the world around you and other beings, is through your body and movement. Play/Move represents each performer as an audio/visual ‘presence’ on a projected screen. Their movements thought the space awaken this ‘presence’ as they become more aware. Multiple performers begin to interact both in the space and on the screen revealing each of the ‘presence’ characteristics. When the performer is fully awakened they begin to display quotes gathered on the topic representing the idea that awareness and communication are one.
Hot Spots
In a low lit moody installation/performance space a viewer moves through an interactive performance wearing wireless headphones. They mingle with performers through the space finding wireless audio hot spots for each performer. The audio tells stories and a narrative unfolds revealing a hidden background of each performer. The hot spots have sensors and triggers that switch lights and sounds on and off changing atmosphere of space. This work is an investigation into new narrative forms and movement/performance and presence from the perspective of both a dynamic audience and performer. For the people not in the space a spectacle unfolds which is silent for them and immersive for the participant. This creates an entirely different level of viewer/performer relations and offers great potential for exploration of many themes. The content of the performance, audio and narrative will be created by a writer briefed on the project based around a specific theme.
Proposed educational or promotional activities.
Turner lectures at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney in Interactive and Digital Media.
This will be a very useful skill and Turner plans to demonstrate and hold workshops to share skills and
build networks and collaborative partnerships with local artists an performers. Potential Subjects include:
Flash, dynamic animation and rich media
Internet based artwork
Physical computing for artists: Processing, Arduino and Electronics for artists.
Video Editing and Effects
Animating Ideas
Performance/Dance as and Digital Art
Making a point, emerging technology needs content to say something.
Distribution techniques,getting your work out there.
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Application form updated on 7 January 2010 4/4
Title: “Tracing: Dance Dialogues in Singapore and South Africa” (commissioned work)