domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

List of selected artists 2012/Sergio Ferrua seleccionado 2012

Today, Januray 1, Contemporary  and Sustainability Art Center (CACiS) El Forn de la Calç  makes public the selection of artists who have been chosen by the management of the Centre with the collaboration of the following persons;

  Fina Sitjes. Head of Communications, SGAE Group in Catalonia, collaborative art critic writing in different c
atalans media.
  Juan Raventos Estelle. Painter, muralist, art organizing, coordinating and managing director of cultural and Video Festival of Arts Vilafranca.  Vedet.
  Belén Grácia. Director of Cultural Projects Foundation Setba (Barcelona)

  List of selected artists to develop their project with residence during 2012

  Einat Amir (Israel)
  David Gowman (Canada)
  Paola Ricci (Italy)
  Helen Barrier (France)
  Gorbachewskaja Tatjana (Russia)
  Egosumtu (Catalonia)
Marjan Eggels  (Nederlands)
  Aurelina Roy (France)
  Sergio Ferrua (Spain)
  Rosa Gema Doughty (USA / Spain)

  This year we started with other festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art selected artists sharing
  as is the case
  Celeste Carballo (USA) with konvent.0
  Paola Ricci of Italy with the  Videt Festival